Older man sitting and smiling with hands togetherWhy don’t the 12 steps work for everyone?

The 12 steps program has saved a lot of lives, but for some people, it’s just not enough. Relapse is all too common for many alcoholics and addicts struggling to maintain sobriety. Those people need a special kind of treatment that takes neurochemical imbalances into consideration.

When treating alcoholics and addicts, doctors should take their patient’s neurochemical imbalances into consideration. Many alcoholics and addicts are unknowingly using the alcohol and drugs to self-medicate their brain’s neurochemical imbalances. The alcohol and drugs temporarily alleviate their symptoms of neurochemical imbalances, allowing them to feel “normal.”

Dr. Von Stieff’s innovative methods of treatment focus on correcting these neurochemical imbalances, in order to control cravings with remarkable success. If the 12 steps wasn’t enough for you or someone you love, learn more about these methods, and check out his book, Brain In Balance!