Pastor smirking with stubbleSuccessful Addiction Recovery

A big factor in making sure your addiction recovery is successful is avoiding the cues that lead to relapse. However, some cues are an inevitable part of life. So to better your odds of remaining sober, it is helpful to understand how your brain works.

Environmental cues are things that can trigger emotions subconsciously, emotions such as fear and anxiety. These feelings of fear and anxiety can come between you and your successful addiction recovery, sending you searching for that drug or drink of choice, sometimes  without you even knowing why.

When you start to feel these feelings of fear and anxiety, it is helpful to stop, give yourself a moment, and take a good look around.  Ask yourself – Is there any real threat here? Usually the threat is only in your mind. Once you realize this, you can try to identify the cue and calm yourself down.

I’ll explain more about this and recovery from addiction later, but for now, you can watch Dr. Von Stieff’s fascinating video: Relapse Prevention: Overcome Fear and Anxiety Attacks and Prevent Panic Attacks.