Questions and Answers about Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms: Part III

Q: How do you combat alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

A: Many people combat alcohol withdrawal symptoms by simply continuing to drink alcohol. Others try to stop drinking cold turkey with no assistance in alleviating the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Both of these methods are extremely dangerous. People experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms should get medical assistance.  Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are the result of the body detoxifying. Detoxifying is a painful process, but there are medications that can minimize the pain and make the detoxification process safer and quicker. When choosing medications for patients, it is beneficial to focus on each patient’s balance of neurotransmitters. By administering medications that raise GABA neurotransmitter levels and suppress glutamate neurotransmitter levels, it takes the edge off of patient’s alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and helps them to detoxify in the safest manner possible, avoiding all seizure activity.

You can learn more about these life-saving methods in my book, Brain In Balance: Understanding the Genetics and Neurochemistry behind Addiction and Sobriety, where I explain the brain science behind addiction and successful treatment. If you have any more questions about alcohol withdrawal symptoms, I would be happy to answer them.