welcome-5Opiate painkiller medications are often highly addictive. It is common for people to innocently begin taking these opiate painkiller medications, perhaps after some kind of injury or surgery, and then quickly become addicted because of opiates’ euphoric side effects. Taking more and more as their tolerance builds, they end up taking the painkiller medications just to stay one step ahead of the excruciating pain of withdrawal.

Why so much pain?

Our body produces its own opiate neurotransmitters called beta-endorphins. They are our body’s own, highly-effective pain control mechanism. Taking opiate painkiller medications makes your body’s own production of its natural opiates start to slow down until it is virtually non-existent.

After months of taking these opiate painkiller medications, patients’ naturally occurring opiates are all but gone and then they try to quit the synthetic opiates. That equals a lot of pain. Opiate painkiller medications are not only incredibly dangerous and addictive when mishandled and over-prescribed, opiate painkiller medications can also cause pain. After being detoxified off of opiate painkiller mediations, 90% of Dr. Von Stieff’s patients experience the same if not much less than the amount of pain that they were in while taking the opiate painkiller medications.

Learn more about how and why opiate painkiller medications are so addictive and what is involved in the safest, most effective methods of detoxification and treatment in his book, Brain in Balance.