Substance Abuse Treatments

Substance Abuse Treatment

Each year, millions seek out effective substance abuse treatment to no avail. Alcoholism and other chemical dependency problems are the top admitting diagnoses into community hospitals.

The majority of chemical dependency sufferers unknowingly use alcohol and other drugs as a means to self-medicate an existing mental illness or innate chemical imbalance.

Addictionologist Fred J. Von Stieff, M.D., A.A.F.P. has found the key to successful substance abuse treatment lies in focusing on craving control and adjusting patients’ neurochemicals. Putting a stop to cravings means putting a stop to relapse.

What causes cravings to begin with? To answer that, you must look at the brain’s neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters shape the way we experience life. Not only do drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications have a great deal of influence on our neurotransmitters, the levels of neurotransmitters we are born with determine our reactions to these substances.

Why Are Some Drugs So Addictive?

With his book, Brain in Balance, Dr. Von Stieff makes the science behind addiction and effective substance abuse treatment easy to understand. By clarifying various facets behind chemical dependency, and answering questions like, “What makes certain drugs so addictive to some individuals?” and “What are the best ways to avoid relapse?”, Dr. Von Stieff is demonstrating what medical professionals should be looking for in order to perform successful substance abuse treatment as well as empowering patients and their loved ones with life-saving knowledge.

Substance abuse no longer has to be an ambiguous emotional issue. There is a proven science behind Dr. Von Stieff’s innovative substance abuse treatment methods, as described in Brain in Balance, that will revolutionize the way we view and treat substance abuse, providing long-awaited answers and explanations.

“Thanks to you, I finally understand my husband’s OxyContin addiction!”

- Marlo H. (Housewife)

Revolutionize the Way We View & Treat Substance Abuse

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