Psychological Disorders

Mental Health Issues

Millions suffer from psychological illnesses, mental health issues, and behavioral disorders. Some have spent an entire lifetime within the shadows of depression or anxiety, or coping with a bipolar disorder, never finding the right treatment for them, treatment that gets to the root of the problem. Many individuals and their doctors are under-informed about the veritable causes behind these mental health issues: neurochemical imbalances.

Addictionologist Fred J. Von Stieff, M.D. explains, “Genetic neurochemical imbalances are a real problem in our society, and they are more prevalent than ever previously acknowledged. These imbalances are the culprit behind countless cases of alcoholism, drug addiction, anxiety disorders, depression, and so much more. It is only by acknowledging the source of so many of these problems, that we can offer practical solutions and continue the search for better ones.”

Acknowledging the Source

The following are just a few of the severe mental health issues that often result from an imbalance of neurotransmitters:

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Schizophrenia

  • Depression

  • Anxiety Disorders

Adjusting Neurochemical Levels

It is not coincidence that individuals who suffer from inimical mental health issues often abuse drugs and alcohol. Those suffering from disorders like bipolar disorder or depression, often find that drugs and alcohol momentarily relieve their symptoms, allowing them to feel “normal” or better than normal. This frequently leads to addiction, chemical dependency, and further detrimental consequences to mental and physical health.

However there are non-addictive medications that can safely correct the neurochemical imbalances behind mental health issues. By addressing the physiological causes and adjusting patients neurochemicals using a proprietary combination of medications, Dr. Von Stieff’s methods of treatment have reaped unprecedented results. Using these methods, Dr. Von Stieff has already helped thousands with psychological disorders and mental health issues to relieve their symptoms and put a stop to their cravings. He explains these methods in his book, Brain in Balance.

“This book should be a textbook requirement for all psychology students, nursing students, and therapists.”

- Ethel, Registered Nurse

Relieve your symptoms and put a stop to your cravings.