Neurochemical Imbalances and Depression

Depression Treatment

Quality depression treatment takes an individual’s balance of neurotransmitters into consideration because the way we perceive and interpret the world around us is dependent on the neurochemical hardware we are born with.

Three neurotransmitter systems, in particular, have a strong tie to depression: serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline. People with severe depression often have genetic neurochemical imbalances within one or more of these systems. Self-medicating with alcohol is common because alcohol raises the neurotransmitters that medically depressed people are inherently low in.

Fortunately, there are medications used in depression treatment that also raise those same neurotransmitters safely without the risk of addiction.

Treating Depression Correctly

In Dr. Von Stieff’s book, Brain in Balance, he explains how correctly adjusting individuals’ balance of neurotransmitters dramatically increases the long-term success rates of addiction treatment and depression treatment. In chapter 6, Nature and Nurture he states: “By adjusting a patient’s balance of neurotransmitters, we are essentially changing the way the patient’s brain processes everything. When done properly, this can alleviate things like depression, compulsiveness, neuroticism, and cravings.”

Brain in Balance is written to help medical professionals provide better addiction and depression treatment through accurate knowledge about the brain and its neurotransmitters. It is also written to help the individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction and other mental health issues to improve their quality of life.

Comfort Through Understanding

Dr. Von Stieff provides clarification for those suffering from depression, continual anxiety, chemical dependency or alcoholism. For people who have always felt different, but have never known why, (whether or not they have sought refuge from that in alcohol or drugs) this book provides comfort through understanding. By understanding the inherent causes behind addiction, alcoholism, depression, and other disorders that result from neurochemical imbalances, we can begin to successfully treat these problems.

“As a Social Worker, I found the information a great help. I have never before been so excited about a book!”

- Anita (Hospital Based Social Worker)

Quality Depression Treatment

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