Control Your Cravings

Craving Control

Mastering the science behind cravings and craving control enables up-to-date doctors, psychiatrists, detoxification specialists, counselors, etc., to provide the best treatment possible for those suffering from alcoholism and other forms of chemical dependency.

Cravings are like road signs for a doctor, providing direction on where to base their treatment. Cravings reveal where the neurochemical source of the problem lies. People crave alcohol or drugs because those substances raise individuals’ neurotransmitters to a level that feels comfortable.

Each drug has a specific effect on specific neurotransmitter systems. Just as it would behoove one to know the language the road sign is written in, it benefits those working with chemically dependent individuals (and those battling the chemical dependency) to familiarize themselves with the language of neurotransmitters – discerning how each neurotransmitter system reacts to various substances.

Cravings and Imbalances

Once the neurochemical reason an individual craves their drug of choice is understood, one can begin to work towards craving control. For those assisting the chemically dependent towards craving control, knowing the international language of neurotransmitters will make no case of addiction (no matter how complex) seem insurmountable.

In Chapter 2, Addressing Neurochemical Balances: Validity of this Method, of his revolutionary book, Addictionologist Fred J. Von Stieff, M.D. explains, “The key to relapse prevention is to go beyond the superficial level of treatment and actually address the underlying cravings and neurochemical imbalances head-on. Simply put, cravings are the result of an imbalance of neurotransmitters. Therefore, the most logical way to prevent alcoholics and other drug-addicted people from having a relapse is to go straight to the root of the problem and treat the neurochemical imbalances…”

“I’m nearly one year sober now and I owe it to Dr. Von Stieff and his scientific methods.”

- Former Patient

Put a stop to cravings. Dr. Von Stieff will show you the way.