Understanding Genetics and Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is extremely difficult. Dr. Von Stieff breaks down these complex issues.

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Addiction treatment with lasting results takes more than just a good detoxification and support groups. Addiction is a multi-dimensional challenge that must be met with up-to-date treatment strategies, and consideration of several factors, including:

Genetics and Their Role In Addiction

A New Scientific Approach to Addiction Treatment

The latest discoveries in neurochemistry reveal that genetics play a vital role in determining addiction susceptibility. More importantly, these discoveries are leading to ground-breaking advancements in how addiction treatment is performed.

Commenting on the accuracy of his new scientific approach to addiction treatment, Dr. Von Stieff explains, “The functions of the brain are so foreseeable that the science of chemical dependency is just as predictable as the science of cardiology.” Alcoholism and drug addiction no longer have to be untouchable emotional issues; often addiction is a physiological disorder with roots in genetics and neurochemistry, and as real of a disease as heart disease.

Advancements in addiction treatment are discussed throughout Dr. Von Stieff’s book, Brain in Balance, and applied in case studies including:

  • Alcoholism

  • OxyContin Addiction

  • Xanax Addiction

  • Cocaine Addiction

  • Modafinil Addiction

  • Benzodiazepine Addiction

  • Norco Addiction, and More

Addictionologist Fred J. Von Stieff, M.D - author of Brain In Balance is at the forefront of advancements in addiction treatment

New Advancements in the Field of Addiction Treatment

A Step in the Right Direction

Innovative Addictionologist Fred J. Von Stieff, M.D. is at the forefront of these new advancements in the field of addiction treatment, and successfully treats virtually every kind of substance addiction possible using these new methods, no matter how complicated the case.

Whether it is alcoholism, a benzodiazepine addiction, a cocaine or methamphetamine addiction, or any prescription drug addiction, there are lasting solutions within reach for anyone willing to learn. Knowledge is key, and reading Brain in Balance: Understanding the Genetics and Neurochemistry behind Addiction and Sobriety is a worthwhile step in the right direction.

“Excellent book for professional doctors & counselors. Excellent book for anyone with addictions or for the concerned public. Dr. Von Stieff explains one of the most misunderstood complex problems of modern culture.”

- Jacquelyn S.

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