Mental Health “The Key Element”

Recover From Addiction

Obtaining stable mental health is a vital step in recovery from addiction. Mental health is a key element in a person’s chances of initially becoming addicted to medications, alcohol, or other drugs.

Recent studies reveal that each individual’s innate levels of neurochemicals/neurotransmitters determine how each person feels, functions, and experiences life. Many people who suffer from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorders turn to neurochemical-altering substances for relief from their burdensome symptoms.

Often, physicians, therapists, psychiatrists, and other healthcare professionals do not take into consideration this connection (among mental health issues, neurotransmitter imbalances, and substance abuse) when treating addiction. They lack a solid grasp of how each individuals’ balance of neurotransmitters influences what they feel, as well as their behavioral and psychological disorders. For this reason, many individuals’ recovery from addiction is short-lived, because the mental health issues that likely led to their addiction in the first place were over-looked.

Recover From Addiction – Filling The Void

Dr. Von Stieff’s new book, Brain in Balance, fills that void of understanding by shedding light on the connections between various mental health issues and substance abuse, making a lasting recovery from addiction within reach for all.

Dr. Von Stieff’s groundbreaking methods are already helping thousands to take back the control over their lives, making their recovery from addiction permanent.

“Your research and presentation is outstanding. Nice to see a move from voodoo and Ouija board solutions to a real world approach to addressing the real causes of mental health issues.”

– Daniel Pontes

You Can Regain Control of Your Life.

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