Whether you have high levels of GABA neurotransmitters or low levels of GABA neurotransmitters affects not only how you feel, but also how you understand the world around you. The amount of GABA neurotransmitters in your brain influence your susceptibility to depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and substance abuse problems among other things.

GABA neurotransmitters are one of many neurotransmitter systems within your brain responsible for influencing many aspects of your life. I invite you to learn more about the fascinating role GABA neurotransmitters and other neurotransmitter systems play in our lives by reading Dr. Von Stieff’s book, Brain in Balance: Understanding the Genetics and Neurochemistry behind Addiction and Sobriety. GABA neurotransmitters are a key focus in this book, since they are central in correcting many mental conditions.