GABA neurotransmitterThe GABA neurotransmitter system plays a vital role in our lives. Found throughout various parts of the brain, the GABA neurotransmitter system is a calming neurochemical force. GABA neurotransmitters slow down fast neuronal activity. The GABA neurotransmitter system balances out the more agitating neurotransmitter systems such as glutamate and noreadrenaline.

There are at least five types of GABA neurotransmitter receptor sites. Certain GABA neurotransmitter agonist medications specifically work on one type of GABA receptor site, while there are other drugs that stimulate the other sites. Benzodiazepines, a class of drugs with hypnotic and sedative effects, are used mainly as tranquilizers to control anxiety. These Benzodiazepines stimulate what’s called the GABA1a receptor site.

GABA neurotransmitter receptor sites can easily become inundated with too many of the stimulants, and begin to down-regulate, or stop functioning. This often leads to the individual taking higher and higher doses of the drugs in order to get the same desired effect. This means tolerance is built and addiction usually follows. There are safe and painless ways to get individuals off of their GABA neurotransmitter-stimulating medications. The best way often involves stimulating the other GABA receptor sites mentioned earlier.

You can learn more about these safe methods here on this website and Dr. Von Stieff’s YouTube page or dig deeper in Dr. Von Stieff’s, book, Brain in Balance: Understanding the Genetics and Neurochemistry behind Addiction and Sobriety.