Drugs, Perception, and Alcohol

Everyone  knows that alcohol and drugs influence the way we interpret our surroundings, but when looking at drugs, perception, and alcohol, did you ever think about the way alcohol and drugs affect our intuition?

Our intuition is something we rely on subconsciously to get through day-to-day life.  Alcohol and drugs can hinder the quality and reliability of our intuition. Faulty intuition damages important relationships.

Upon attaining sobriety, collecting clear data about occurrences that have affected your relationships is an important part of recovery from addiction . This “fearless moral inventory” can help recovered alcoholics and recovered addicts to overcome feelings of insecurity and depression.

Learn more from Dr. Von Stieff’s book, Brain in Balance, or watch Lecture Part #10 “Intuition: Alcohol, Drugs, Perception, and Misconception by Dr. Von Stieff.”