The Effects of Alcohol On The Brain

Alcohol and The Brain

The sensations associated with alcohol use occur because of alcohol’s influence on the brain’s neurotransmitters. Understanding how alcohol and the brain interact on a neurochemical level is crucial to gaining control over cravings and preventing relapse.

Alcohol is an incredibly powerful drug; its effect on the brain is matchless. In his book, Brain in Balance, Addictionologist Fred J. Von Stieff, M.D explains:

“Alcohol is the ultimate stimulant for the brain. … It moves the brain’s neurochemicals like no other drug on the planet. … All this stimulation makes alcohol a powerful anti-depressant … and an even more powerful depressant once it wears off.” -Chapter 7, The Power of Alcohol and Nicotine

A Vital Step

Learning about alcohol and the brain is a vital step both for individuals treating people who struggle with alcoholism and for those trying to recover from alcoholism. By closely examining the effects of alcohol on the brain, one can better determine what leads to cravings for alcohol and how to reverse these cravings. Additionally, fully grasping the inner workings of the brain, namely the functions of its neurotransmitters, enables physicians to conduct alcohol detoxifications in the quickest, safest, and most painless way possible.

The information found in Brain in Balance fills a major gap of knowledge about alcohol and the brain that the medical community and health care system has been missing for years. In it, Dr. Von Stieff explains:

  • Alcohol and the brain’s relationship with depression

  • How alcohol alters feelings, memories, and intuition

  • The immediate and long-term effects of alcohol on the brain’s neurochemicals (neurotransmitters)

  • How to overcome alcoholism through craving control

  • How to counter alcohol withdrawal symptoms

  • The best detoxification and most effective treatment methods available

Clear | Concise | Easy To Understand

Fragmented Memory Video

The scientific explanation of the effects of alcohol on the brain has never been clearer, teaching more about alcohol and the brain than even most doctors are aware of.

Dr. Von Stieff’s book includes the following chapters:

  • “The Power of Alcohol and Nicotine”

  • “Treating Alcoholics”

  • “Assisting Alcoholics and Addicts: Through Negotiations and in the Intensive Care Unit”

“Dr. von Stieff saved the life of a friend of mine. My friend had 13 years of sobriety and relapsed. Had we not found Dr. von Stieff, my friend would probably not be with us now.”

- John.

Recovery is possible.

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