The Rules of the Brain

Alcohol and Brain Chemistry

The subjects of brain chemistry and addiction are virtually inseparable. In order to fully grasp what the causes of addiction and relapse are, one must understand the basics of brain chemistry.

Addictionologist Dr. Fred Von Stieff spent over two decades studying the brain and observing the various reactions among its neurotransmitters. Upon gaining a thorough understanding of the relationship between brain chemistry and addiction, Dr. Von Stieff uncovered fascinating behavior and ascribed rules to his findings.

These rules are ground-breaking for the field of addiction treatment.

In his book, Brain in Balance: Understanding the Genetics and Neurochemistry behind Addiction and Sobriety, Dr. Von Stieff uses these rules to explain why addiction occurs and how to safely conquer addiction through his methods of neurochemical adjustment and craving control.

Alcohol and Brain Chemistry

Unveiling the rules this dynamic organ performs by, makes neurochemistry virtually as predictable as the science behind any other organ. Understanding these rules is paramount in providing optimal treatment for all kinds of patients – sufferers of alcoholism, sufferers of drug addiction, prescription medication addiction, depression, anxiety, and various psychological and behavioral disorders.

In Brain in Balance, Dr. Von Stieff outlines rules of the brain in a way that makes brain chemistry and addiction easy to understand. The rules cover various topics, including:

  • How the brain functions

  • How neurotransmitter systems react to one another

  • How genetics and environment influence an individual’s brain chemistry and addiction tendencies

  • What occurs inside a brain experiencing each stage of tolerance, withdrawal, and cravings

  • How neurotransmitters are affected by medications, alcohol, and other drugs

“With this book, I have attempted to define how essential neurotransmitters work within the structure of the brain, influencing how it functions. As an addictionologist, doing research and working with patients, I have been afforded the opportunity to extract the rules by which the brain behaves.”

- Dr. Fred Von Stieff

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