Brain Functions and Its Chemistry

Addiction Brain Chemistry

The brain and its neurotransmitters function according to rules – rules of balance and interaction. Understanding how the brain functions is fundamental to conquering addiction. Brain chemistry is an important part of that puzzle.

Scientists have studied neurotransmitter systems and brain functions extensively and published complex findings that are detail-oriented and difficult to understand, even for medical professionals.

However, it is not really necessary to know all the little complex details in order to understand the big picture of how the brain functions or how addiction brain chemistry and neurotransmitters work.

There is more to see than just the micro science of each nerve. That is what Dr. Fred J. Von Stieff’s new approach to addiction recovery using neurochemistry is all about – the bigger picture.

The Bigger Picture

In Dr. Von Stieff’s book, Brain in Balance: Understanding the Genetics and Neurochemistry behind Addiction and Sobriety, he systematically demonstrates how the brain functions, explaining:

  • How neurotransmitters are affected by genetics.

  • How each of the eight basic neurotransmitter systems (serotonin, GABA, glutamate, dopamine, endocannabinoid, noradrenaline, opiate, and acetylcholine) function separately.

  • How these neurotransmitter systems are interconnected and interact with one another.

  • How functions of these neurotransmitters relate to behavior and various mental disorders.

  • How neurotransmitters are affected by medications, alcohol, and other drugs.

  • How neurotransmitters affect perception and influence personalities, feelings, memories, relationships, thinking process, etc.

  • How these neurotransmitter systems can be influenced by medications in a beneficial way, correcting inherent imbalances.

A New Way of Explaining Addiction Brain Chemistry

The way Addictionologist Dr. Von Stieff perceives the inner workings of the brain, clarifies how addiction brain chemistry can be manipulated to generate a successful recovery. He states, “After years of studying neurotransmitters and working in the field of detoxification, I realized that this area of science could be made so much easier to understand and work with, simply by focusing on the global functions of the neurotransmitter systems” – the basic interrelationships among its neurotransmitters that, in turn, determine how we function.

“A complex subject written in a way that anyone can understand it!”

- Rick C. (PhD and Research Chemist)

Balance Your Life

Brain in Balance is available on Amazon in Kindle eBook, print or audio format.