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Billions are spent on treatments for alcoholism and drug abuse every year. Often these treatments bring only momentary relief. So why, in spite of all these efforts and recent breakthroughs in brain studies, is substance abuse still so rampant? In his book, Brain in Balance, Dr. Fred Von Stieff – a innovative detoxification specialist – reveals the truth behind alcoholism and addiction, disclosing their relationship with genetics, brain functions, and neuroscience. By exposing the root causes behind substance abuse, he clarifies how to gain lasting relief. Brain studies reveal that the brain’s balance of neurotransmitters influences many facets of life – from personality and mood to depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders. Often it is a genetic neurotransmitter imbalance that drives individuals into a life of alcoholism and substance abuse. Dr. Von Stieff uses his extensive understanding of neurochemistry and brain studies to help individuals permanently escape the entrapment of cravings and addiction and instead achieve healthy and productive lives.

Putting Success In Motion

  • How neurotransmitters affect one’s quality of life

  • What the latest brain studies reveal about addiction, craving, tolerance, and withdrawal

  • Neurotransmitters’ role in depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues

  • How to recognize, analyze, and treat neurochemical imbalances

  • The most cutting-edge and effective methods in detoxification and treatment, including the best way to treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms and the most advanced way to successfully combat opiate addiction

  • How alcohol, drugs, and medications affect the brain and its neurotransmitter systems

  • How to achieve lasting sobriety

Brain in Balance is a fascinating read about how the brain functions and its relationship to the development of addictions.”

- Breining Institute

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