Neurochemistry of Addiction

Neurochemistry of Addiction

Receiving and administering the best chemical dependency treatment possible requires both the doctor and patient to understand the neurochemistry of addiction. Dr. Von Stieff’s book, Brain in Balance: Understanding the Genetics and Neurochemistry of Addiction and Sobriety contains groundbreaking findings about the neurochemistry of addiction that are unavailable anywhere else and are of interest to both medical professionals and the novice.

“These ground-breaking findings will revolutionize the way addiction analysis is conducted, granting individuals a refreshing new hope and clarifying why they act in a manner not conducive to their ethics and moral character.”

– Fredrick Von Stieff, MD

Who was Brain in Balance written for?

  • Chemically Dependent Individuals: People looking for clearer understanding behind their feelings and actions and ways to improve their quality of life by seeking lasting solutions.

  • Medical Professionals and Medical Students: Doctors, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Addictionologists, Counselors, and any other medical professional working with patients who suffer from mental and behavioral disorders, alcoholism, or chemical dependency.

  • Loved Ones of Those Suffering from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction: Individuals interested in understanding both the root causes behind their loved ones’ self-destructive behavior, and how they can offer constructive help.

  • Anyone Who Wants to Know the Neurochemistry of Addiction: People who want to know more about the brain and how its neurotransmitters influence the way we view and experience life.

Why was Brain in Balance written?

  • To provide hope and clarification for chemically dependent individuals and their loved ones through scientific advancement and discovery.

  • To broaden our understanding of how neurotransmitter systems are interconnected and how they’re influenced by genetics and our environment.

  • To help medical professionals understand the neurochemistry of addiction and provide the best treatment possible for their patients that suffer from various neurochemical imbalances.

“The book presents a sound approach to addiction treatment in an interesting and informative manner. This is a good read.”

- Breining Institute

Broaden your understanding of addictions and sobriety with a copy of Brain In Balance