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Addictionologist Dr. Fred J. Von Stieff explains human brain function and clarifies the steps necessary to obtain lasting sobriety and relief from cravings in his book, Brain In Balance.

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Understanding The Human Brain Function

Brain in Balance is for ALL chemically dependent individuals, their loved ones, and the medical professionals treating them.

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The majority of substance abusers use alcohol and drugs to self-medicate an unknown existing mental illness or innate chemical imbalance.

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However there is a safer and quicker way to detoxify off of highly addictive pain-killers and anti-anxiety medications using the pioneering methods of Addictionologist Dr. Von Stieff.

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These advancements reveal that usually a physiological disorder is at the foundation of addiction with roots in genetics and neurochemistry, which must be remedied with up-to-date treatment strategies.

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Dr. Von Stieff

Internationally Acclaimed Addictionologist

Is Revolutionizing the way the world views and treats the brain and addiction.

In his latest book, Dr. Von Stieff explains:

  • His unique methods of focusing on each patients’ balance of neurotransmitters throughout detoxification and beyond (with particular attention on cravings), which deliver phenomenal results.

  • How by astutely adjusting the brain’s neurochemicals, addressing mental health issues, and correcting the physiological causes behind cravings, he can put patients’ back in control of their lives, leaving them feeling better both physically and emotionally.

Brain in Balance

The Little Book With a Big Impact On Understanding Human Brain Function

Around the world, this book is having a massive impact on people’s lives by revealing the methods behind attaining record-breaking and lasting results.

Dr. Von Stieff wrote Brain in Balance for:

  • Patients and their loved ones, to clarify the physiological reasons behind why patients feel and act the way they do.

  • Medical professionals who treat individuals struggling with substance abuse.

A Book Unlike Any Other
Understanding The Human Brain Function

Infused with riveting case presentations and experiences that reveal the scientific explanation behind addiction – this book is unlike any other on the brain and addiction. Addictionologist Dr. Von Stieff’s 85% long-term success rate prompted the Joint Chiefs of Hospital Accreditation to label Dr. Von Stieff’s work – “Miraculous.”

“I again congratulate you on the excellent book that you have written, so simple, yet so powerful and practical.I have learned so much from this book.”

– Addiction Medicine Specialist Dr. C Naidoo

“Dr. Von Stieff, You changed my life. Honestly, you saved it. I can never thank you enough.”

– Former Patient

“So much good, relevant, understandable and cutting-edge information is presented in Brain in Balance. It could be the basis for a graduate-degree course in addiction.”

– Breining Institute

Understanding Human Brain Functions

Order Brain in Balance today, and discover all the latest treatment breakthroughs surrounding the brain and addiction.

Acclaimed book - Brain in Balance - Understanding the Human Brain Function - Dr. Fred Von Stieff, MD